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I am licensed clinical social worker with more than 10 years of experience in providing the tools to assist individuals, couples, and families come to a place of greater awareness of one’s self. In life I believe that there are people who seek to find purpose and then there are purposes that seek to find people. I believe that I have been placed in the latter.

For as far back as I can remember I have always felt a need or passion for wanting to help make a person or situation better. In reflecting back my life has always involved caring and nurturing others. I remember being as young as eleven/twelve years old and physically assisting my ninety-four year- old great-grandmother in her daily living task. Whether it was a person, animal, place or thing if it could be helped then count me in. Having a heart for people whether it was to assist them in making better choices or finding resources to help make their situation better is what I seem to do. In my attempt to understand situations I remember the most profound statement that I heard, which confirmed I knew I was placed here to help make a difference, was “generally the issues that people have as adults are unresolved differences from childhood”. That statement literally changed my life. How I started to analyze people became more compassionate. My openness to people and their situations became more insightful. I say this with a pure heart of wanting to help assist people in becoming all that they are capable of becoming, knowing that will vary from person to person.


I feel it’s very important for a person to thrive and to have a direction in which they are progressing. One can be a physically healthy individual but experiencing issues that are causing mental distress. The relevancy of fitness will negate itself without the necessary coping and managing skills for emotional and mental wellness. From newborn to the elderly, I have been gifted to help those achieve a healthier state of being. I believe that no matter what one’s age, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender or nationality, all are entitled to have the ability to control their outcome. Through self-actualization, the passion I possess in helping one’s mental and emotional being often leads to a healthier lifestyle.


I believe in God, family, friends and purpose. I’ve been blessed with 2 amazing children and 1 beautiful grandchild. Life is a journey…Thank you for considering me to assist you and yours in its pathway to an overall healthy place.

My  Offerings

I offer my ability to understand one’s problems and address the concerns of those under my care, utilizing my experience which allows me to assess, recommend and develop strategies that will improve the quality of those lives which have entrusted their care unto me.

 Mission Statement

For those who enter my doors and are willing to do the work to leave in a better, healthier and wiser place than when they first came in.

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